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Payler helps to grow businesses with the integrated payments platform. And all this is thanks to a team of talented professionals around the world

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Our team

We're dedicated experts crafting tailored solutions, fostering growth for clients and ourselves. Through bold initiatives and sharing expertise in fintech, we lead and thrive. Our dynamic work environment, filled with enthusiastic colleagues and inspiring leaders, fuels international projects.
Ambitious professionals manage Payler's fintech ecosystem with excellence across multiple locations.

Payler global presence

Employees worldwide
IT specialists
Global locations

What unites
our employees?


Growth Mentality

Employees are constantly developing, sharing their experience with each other

Get Things Done

We act swiftly, skipping lengthy approvals, and get things done.

Great communicator

Being able to negotiate is a key skill
Each employee is an "entrepreneur on the spot", fully responsible for the result
Benefits And Perks
Each employee, regardless of their position, can change the company's processes by implementing best practices.
Freedom of change
Earn according to your level of expertise and contribution to the development of the company.
Attractive salary
We support your professional development with in-house training and external courses and conferences.
Training & Development
All employees can showcase their abilities in our fast-growing company with new career opportunities emerging regularly.
Fast career growth
Each employee has the opportunity to consult a corporate psychologist to maintain a healthy psychological climate in the company.
Mental health
HR assists in career planning, fostering relationships, and for leaders, attracting top talents.
HRBP support
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