Customer complaint procedure
We are dedicated to delivering a superior level of customer service. In the event that you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, we have established procedures in place to address your concerns promptly and appropriately.

To file a complaint, please adhere to the following steps. Include your account particulars, a brief summary of your complaint, and any steps you have taken to address the issue.

Step 1:

By email: We welcome positive feedback, but we also want to hear about any problems you encounter. Therefore, please complete our
By post: You may send a letter to 25 Cabot Square, London, England, E14 4QA.

Complaint Handling Timeframes:

Payler is obliged to follow specific regulations while dealing with customer complaints, as previously stated. Payler must acknowledge the complaint in writing, which can be done via email, intercom, or letter.

Complaint timeframes

Payler guarantees an initial acknowledgment of receipt of a complaint within 24 hours.

Payler commits to resolving the complaint by the conclusion of 15 business days following receipt of the complaint.

In the event that a complaint cannot be resolved within the 15-day timeframe, a holding response will be issued. This holding response will allow for a maximum of 30 days, from the receipt of the original complaint, to provide a final response. This final response will contain an explanation as to why the complaint was not resolved within the original timeframe.

Final Response complaint resolution

The resolution of your complaint will be provided in the form of a Complaint Resolution Summary.

This summary will acknowledge your complaint and outline the results of our comprehensive investigation into the underlying issues. We will also offer our opinion on whether your complaint should be upheld, and if so, what corrective action and/or compensation we believe is warranted.

You will receive a Final Response Letter, which will detail the findings of our thorough investigation into the factors underlying your complaint, and our determination as to whether your complaint should be upheld. If your complaint is upheld, we will also specify the appropriate remedial action and/or compensation.

In the event that your complaint is rejected, Payler will provide a Further Written Response. This response will contain an explanation as to why we rejected the complaint.

We are committed to assessing the subject matter of your complaint in a fair, consistent, and timely manner, and will determine:
  • Whether the complaint should be upheld;
  • What remedial action or compensation (or both) may be appropriate.

Step Two

We are committed to handling all complaints in a fair and transparent manner. However, if you are not satisfied with the Complaint Resolution Summary or Final Response Letter we provide, you may choose to escalate your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), a free, independent, and impartial service for resolving disputes.
To refer your complaint to the FOS, please send it to the following address:

Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR
Phone: 0800 023 4567

Please note that you must refer your complaint to the FOS within six months of the date of our Complaint Resolution Summary or Final Response Letter.
As an authorized electronic money institution, we have robust policies and procedures in place that enable clients and prospective clients to lodge complaints about the services we have provided (or not provided) if they are dissatisfied. We take all complaints seriously and will work diligently to address any concerns you may have.

Rights of a compliant

If you have lodged a complaint with Payler LTD, you have the right to inquire about the status of your complaint by contacting us via email at
In the event that you are dissatisfied with our response or we are unable to reach an agreement, you may choose to escalate your complaint to the UK's Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). You can contact FOS by mail, using an online form, or telephone. For further details on how to contact FOS, please visit their website at

Complainant referral rights to Payler

If Payler fails to resolve a client's complaint within the 15-day time frame, or if the client believes that the complaint was not handled appropriately (including cases where the complaint was not properly identified as a complaint), the client has the right to file a complaint with PayrNet if they believe that PayrNet provided their services improperly or their operations breached customers' rights or legitimate interests.

Filing complaints and the complaint handling process with PayrNet are free of charge. PayrNet accepts complaints submitted in person (directly to a customer service employee, verbally or in writing), by regular or registered mail (sent to PayrNet's registered office or actual place of business at 138 Holborn, London, England, EC1N 2SW), email (at, or through the digital channels provided by PayrNet's online and mobile platforms.

Clients must contact PayrNet directly regarding the services they provided, such as cards or ledgers.